South Valley

Tour duration: Full day

The south valley of Cusco is the territory traced by the route of the Huatanay river, a tributary of the Vilcanota river. This valley is located to the south of the city, very attractive for its cultural and natural landscapes. Along this ecological zone, we can see traditional towns specialized in different activities such as the preparation of fried pork (chicharrón in spanish), baked guinea pig, bread production, etc. Due to its proximity to Cusco, it is a connection route with the high plateau of Peru and Bolivia. These places were vital for the development of the Inca civilization and its predecessors.

The south valley tour includes a visit to Tipón, Piquillacta and Andahuaylillas. In Tipón we visit an archaeological complex formed by agricultural terraces with canals and water fountains, where the maximum development of pre-Columbian hydraulic engineering can be appreciated. Piquillacta was an urban metropolis, where the architectural urban planning that preceded the Incas stands out. Andahuaylillas is a very picturesque town with a colonial church, the inside decoration is finished in gold leaf, which is why it is known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”.


Tipón is an Inca archaeological center located at 3,560 meters above sea level, built to take advantage a natural water spring that was used in the irrigation of the terraces, as well as in the development of hydraulic engineering. The flow of the water was used do water conduction studies, for that reason they built different types of stone channels, which we can still appreciate. Due to its location high up on a mountain, it sets a spectacular view of the surrounding territories.


Piquillacta was a large pre-Inca urban center, which belonged to Wari culture. The whole city is built with stone and mud mortar. Within the walls, we can see hundreds of buildings, some of them having the second-story design. What is awesome is the city urban planning, divided into perfect quadrangles, which delimits its wide avenues, narrow streets and ceremonial squares.


Andahuaylillas is a small town with a colonial design of cobbled streets and squares. In its traditional square we can see the colonial church of “Saint Peter (the apostle) of Andahuaylillas”, which best describes the Andean Baroque. In its interior decoration, we can see wall paintings that served as a means of indoctrination for the indigenous people. On these murals were placed the frames of the canvases, altarpieces and altars decorated in gold leaf, which is why it is known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”.

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